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Nourane Owais

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Nourane Owais

Illustrator & Interior Stylist
Rejiggers & Courtyard 66 founder & CEO

In a Nutshell:
Nourane is a multi-medium illustrator, interior stylist, and content creator. She was selected by Meta as a “Creator of Tomorrow” representing the MENA region, she is also the artist behind Meta’s #SheCreates e-book. Nourane is the founder of Rejiggers creative agency and Courtyard 66 innovative studio based in Cairo, Egypt, and one of the top art instructors in the region.

Nourane started her career in tech giants like Microsoft and Google, she was an engineer at Microsoft, then shifted to Marketing at Google in Dubai. After 8 years in the corporate world, she pursued her career in arts, and on her journey she found a following of people who cheered her on and wanted to learn from her. Nourane worked with top brands from Meta, to Google, Netflix, Lenovo, Acer, Virgin Megastores, Silver Brush US, and multiple public figures from across the region.
Today, Nourane is the proud founder of her innovative studio space Courtyard 66, where she launched the first Procreate Masterclass for digital illustration in the region, and where she hosts other creative workshops, and art retreats taught by her or by guest artists.
Nourane has taught over 2,000 students offline & online (through her online courses) and counting.

Nourane was selected by Meta as a "Creator of Tomorrow" among 12 content creators across the Middle East & North Africa for setting the stage for the next generation of content creators through best-in-class innovative formats and turning their passion into their profession.

With over 330K followers across social media, she shares her creative content and continues to grow her online community by sharing her journey as a self-taught artist, and business owner.

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